• Caelie Winchester

June 25th, 2020 - Phased Shutdown

It's very easy to go through the motions these days, pretending that the world is returning to normal. I'm just as guilty as anyone of trying desperately to find normality in both my home and work life right now. However, the growing numbers of Covid-19 cases in the metro area is a stark reminder that we are not even close to out of the woods.

I am heartbroken to announce that I will be implementing a phased shutdown of Bountiful Body and Mind after this weekend. Online scheduling has been removed (for the first time since opening in 2014!) and no new appointments will be scheduled at this time. Clients who currently have an appointment scheduled can expect a phone call in the next few days to discuss your options.

The precautions I have implemented in my practice are above and beyond what my regulatory board has softly recommended, and I am confident that we are reducing virus exposure as much as we currently can. However, even with the most stringent measures, the risk of exposure is still present, and it increases significantly as community infection continues to rise.

I want to talk to you about how much this massage is worth to you. I have many clients that I know would say the risk is worth the relief. I agree and I want to help. I have many more clients that would say it's disappointing, but they are willing to wait until it's less of a gamble. I agree and want to make sure that we get you rescheduled as soon as we reach that point.

I strongly believe that everyone deserves massage. However, we are at a point where I have to ask those who want a massage to hold off so that I can continue to serve those who need a massage until a mandatory shutdown is issued. This will help reduce the number of people coming into the office to keep exposure levels lower than they have been in the past few weeks.

I am so incredibly grateful for the outpouring of kind words, encouragement, and generosity I have encountered since being back in the office. I am incredibly sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment that this announcement may create. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.



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