• Caelie Winchester

COVID-19 Update

At this time, we plan on starting to see clients for massage on May 29th. There are some important changes that clients should be aware of. Client responsibility: -Clients should shower with soap before their appointment if possible and wear clean clothes to their appointment. If showering is not possible, clean clothes are still preferred and hand sanitizer should be used on hands. -Clients should wear a mask into the building and for the duration of their appointment. If they do not have a mask, one will be provided. -Clients should wait in their vehicle until their therapist calls them to let them know they are ready for them to enter the building for their appointment time. This is to avoid having people waiting in close proximity in office common areas. -Bathrooms will still be available for use but, clients are encouraged to use the restroom before arriving to the office to decrease chances of exposure in shared bathroom space. -Clients can expect to be asked about current symptoms that could indicate an infection, have their temperature taken, and to report how many individuals and locations (the grocery store, restaurants, parties, etc) they have been exposed to in the last week. Your therapist will also be reporting this same data to you in an effort to maintain informed consent. Clients will not be denied service based on these numbers. -Late cancels due to illness will not be charged any cancellation fees. However, no call/no shows may be required to pay a cancellation fee before their next scheduled appointment. Therapist responsibilities: -Therapist will arrive to work showered and in fresh clothes. Clothes will be changed between each client, and clinic laundry will be kept in a sealed container before being washed every evening. Fresh sheet sets will be stored in individual containers to avoid cross-contamination. -Therapist will wash hands, wrists, and arms up to the elbow between each client, and will wash hands after touching any vector surface using standard procedures for hand washing. -Therapist will disinfect all surfaces using CDC approved cleaners between each client, making sure to leave surfaces wet with disinfectant for at least 10 minutes. -Therapist will run HEPA air purifier during and between clients to minimize exposure to virus particles that may linger in the air. -Therapist will remain masked at all times and will either change masks or mask filters between each client. -The massage table and chairs in the room will be covered in plastic that can be disinfected between each client. All other porous surfaces that are not necessary for treatment will be removed from the room. -Therapist will notify clients of any suspicious symptoms or a fever before their scheduled appointment to determine if rescheduling or cancellation is necessary.

We realize this list is long and intense, but we also believe that full transparency about our process is necessary. We can reduce the risk of transmission significantly, but we cannot eliminate it completely, therefore it is important that clients are armed with information so they can make the most appropriate choice for their own situation. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your upcoming appointment, please reach out. If you have not had a response in 24 hours, please reach out again. All these changes have created additional administrative tasks, and so we are busy, but we don't want messages falling through the cracks. If you would like to schedule a massage, please check appointment availability and book on the website.


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