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Closing our doors but not like you think...

Do you remember that magical time when Freddie Mercury and David Bowie came together to sing Under Pressure? Sometimes taking two good things and combining them can have really amazing results. I love that song, and that rendition is a beautiful example of two artists playing to their strengths in collaboration. I want you to hold that in your mind while you read this next part.

At the end of August, Bountiful Body & Mind will be closing. However, this is not the end of my massage career. Drift Norman has opened its arms (and doors!) to absorb Bountiful and its clients. You can continue to receive the massages you love from me (Caelie) in a beautiful and tranquil setting. Gone are the days of clinical decor, slamming doors, and listening to the conversations in the hallway while you’re trying to relax.

As of September 1st, 2020, you may now call 405-701-2832 or visit to speak with a spa coordinator for scheduling your sessions with me. I know you may have lots of questions about this transition, so I want to give you a breakdown of what is changing and what is staying the same:

What is changing-

  • Location. Sessions will no longer take place inside Manchester Chiropractic and Wellness. Instead, you will arrive at

Drift Norman

480 24th Ave NW #118

Norman, OK 73069

  • Service names. Drift classifies massage into multiple groups because there are different modalities offered. I will be providing “Relaxing” Massage, “Muscle Relief” Massage, “Prenatal” Massage, and “CBD” Massage. I will not be providing Ashiatsu Massage at this time, but it may become available in the future.

  • Price Point. This one is a big deal for many people, especially these days. The beautiful ambiance, high quality oils and sheets, and streamlined service has a higher overhead than Bountiful needed, and that wonderful experience is reflected in Drift’s prices. This may come as a surprise, but I have been operating at below market value for several years, so although massages are about to cost a little more, they are still priced very fairly. However, if you are concerned about being able to continue your treatment plan with this price increase, please reach out so we can help. I don’t want anyone to feel left behind with this change. If you have gift certificates, prepaid services, or packages, those can still be redeemed at Drift without additional cost.

  • Scheduling. Appointments can be made online at or by speaking with a spa coordinator at 405-701-2832.

  • Coaching. At this time, coaching services will still be available by contacting me directly. Drift does not have a coaching menu item at this time, but that is only because we’re still shuffling things around. Hopefully we will be able to add coaching options soon so that scheduling those sessions is just as simple as scheduling massages.

  • Availability. Working on a team and coordinating shifts (also homeschooling my child and 5 others due to the pandemic) has allowed me to adjust my availability to be present at work and home in ways that feel less strained. Clients will be able to choose from weekday daytime, evening, and Sundays to book appointments. The evening availability in particular should be enticing for many clients who have wanted to come relax after work. Again, if you had a standing appointment slot with me and find that time is no longer available, please reach out so that we can find a reasonable solution.

  • Additional Services and practitioners. Drift offers many additional treatments and services from what was available at Bountiful. You can check out their website to see if there is a service you would like to try either separately or on the same day as your massage appointment. Drift also has a great team of talented massage therapists who are available 7 days a week if you need to be seen sooner than what I have available.

What is staying the same-

  • Bodywork. The services have new names, but you will still be receiving the bodywork that I have adapted to help you in your treatment plan. I am still able to blend myofascial release, neuromuscular work, craniosacral therapy, and more treatment based techniques into your session. You may just get a few extra hot towels out of the deal!

  • Commitment to Safety. Anyone who has seen me since COVID-19 hit knows that I take safety and sanitation very seriously. When I was making the choice to merge with Drift, I wanted to make sure that I was not inviting my clients into a space that didn’t take those things as seriously as I did. I can assure you that the measures being taken on the back end are just as rigorous as they were at Bountiful, although you may not see plastic covered furniture since they are much better than me at making safety look comfortable and relaxing. Masks are being worn at all times by all employees and visitors (with the exception of clients receiving facials, however other measures are being taken in these cases to decrease transmission risk). If you have questions about the steps being taken to decrease disease transmission in this facility, please reach out!

  • Prepaid Services. Clients working on completing a package, clients with outstanding gift certificates, and clients who have prepaid single sessions will still be able to redeem those at Drift. Please check to see if your gift certificate has an expiration date and reach out with questions. If booking a prepaid service, it will be helpful to let the spa coordinator scheduling you know so they can make a note on the appointment.

This year has challenged all of us in so many ways and consistently presented opportunities to pivot, grow, and change our plans. I have been so immensely humbled and grateful to welcome all of you into my private practice for over 6 years. Joining the Drift team and closing my doors was not an easy choice, by any means. I had many plans for the future of Bountiful, but they were all filled with more obstacles than opportunities in this pandemic. Drift offered me the chance to continue to serve my community doing more of what I’m good at and less of the heavy stuff. All the universe’s signs began to suggest a pivot, and so that is what this is. Pivots are different from endings. I am inspired and excited for this new adventure, and I hope that you will consider joining me on this path.



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