BodyMind Coaching

What is BodyMind Coaching?

BodyMind Coaching is a combination of structured conversation, support, and bodywork to help the client reconnect with their body in order to transform their mindset.

How is This Different Than Therapy?

Coaching has a forward focus instead of digging into your past. Sessions are client led, using their own knowledge and intuition to create an action plan for personal growth. Caelie is not a therapist, but is happy to refer clients to one if they need or want that option.

How is This Different Than Life Coaching?

Much like life coaching, BodyMind coaching helps clients form healthy habits and attitudes to move them forward in life. However, BodyMind coaching incorporates bodywork, massage, and other sensory focused activities to help clients interpret the signals their bodies are attempting to send them, as well as soothe chronic physical symptoms that may be lingering due to an emotional component. Building a healthy relationship between the body and the mind sets people up to be able to make positive life choices, release bothersome emotions, create positive habits, and transition through difficult phases of life with more ease.

Is This Right For Me?

If you feel disconnected from or confused by your body, BodyMind Coaching is perfect for helping you tune into the wisdom your body wants to share with you. These skills aid in feeling confident, calm, fulfilled, and ready to transition into a new chapter of life. If you feel "stuck" in life or poor habits, BodyMind Coaching will help move you towards becoming the person you were meant to be.

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