Massage has been used across the world throughout history to relieve discomfort, balance the mind, and contribute to health. In modern America, it is often considered a "luxury" rather than a powerful wellness tool. At Bountiful Body and Mind, we believe that massage is an important part of a balanced life, and that by incorporating it into your health routine, people can gain relief from symptoms that hold them back from truly fulfilling lives. 
Massage therapists cannot diagnose conditions, so we are free to follow the symptoms and the signals of the body instead of following strict protocols or treatment plans. The more clearly you communicate your needs to your massage therapist, the better your results will be. We want to know how you feel, but more importantly, we want to know how you WANT to feel by the time the session is over.

Meet The Team

Caelie Winchester

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist

BodyMind Coaching Practitioner

(405) 630-9799

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